The parish of St Mary's offers a variety of services, drawing upon both traditional and contemporary strands.


Special services at St Mary's

Reverend Desmond Burton, Priest in Charge of St Mary's, will be happy to help you but please be aware he is part-time, although he will respond to you as soon as possible, especially if the request is urgent, for example a bereavement.



If you would like a Priest, or church member, to visit, please make contact with either Reverend Desmond Burton or a Church Warden.  If you are new to the Parish and are able to visit the Church for a Sunday service, that is probably the best way to find out about us.  If you are house-bound, or have restricted movement, please make contact and we will be happy to visit, this can include Communion and prayers.

We are committed as a village church to being involved in the whole community and will do our best to provide spiritual support to those of whom we are aware.



If you would like to have your child/children baptised, please contact Reverend Burton, the Priest in Charge.  You will need to live in the Parish, or be connected through your family.  Baptisms normally take place during the main Sunday service which is at 10am or after the service at 11.30am. You will be asked to complete a form to be returned to Desmond Burton, along with a contact number as well as agreeing upon a specific date and time for the ceremony.  We enjoy baptisms at Balcombe.



Please look at the Church of England website which will give you a good overview and much valuable information on getting married in the Church of England This will also help you with the qualification required to marry at St Mary's.

At St Mary's we do not have specific wedding preparation meetings but Reverend Desmond Burton, the Priest in Charge, would be very happy to discuss with you any questions or issues that you have.  It is possible to find another reasonably local church which does have formal preparation and we will be happy to help with this.

You will be asked to complete a form to be returned to Reverend Desmond Burton, along with a contact number, as well as agreeing upon a specific date and time for the ceremony. 

Desmond Burton would be able to put you in contact with an organist to choose hymns and music and discuss the availablity of our choir.  The Bellringing can also be arranged.

The church has a dedicated group of flower arrangers whom we can recommend.

Desmond Burton prefers to talk with your chosen photographer before the service about your requirements.

Weddings at Balcombe are taken with a relaxed formality, children are welcome and we have an area at the back of the church that can be utilised, by them, if needed.

Wedding blessing are by arrangement.

We take pleasure in celebrating your joy.



If you would like a funeral of a loved one to take place at St Mary's it is usual for your chosen undertaker to make arrangements directly with the church (we are happy to recommend those who advertise in our parish magazine).  Reverend Desmond Burton, Priest in Charge, is very willing to discuss your wishes and feelings about a funeral or memorial service.

All people are gifted with their own special attributes and as such, we are happy to express that, in the funeral if that is your wish.

If you would like prayers to be said with those who are dying, or with you, after the death of a loved one, please contact Desmond Burton or a Church Warden at any time. We are available to give communion at such times, if requested.






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